Electrician Smeaton Grange

Electrical systems in warehouses and industrial buildings are much more complex than what’s found in homes. For this, specialised commercial electricians should always handle the job whether it’s an electrical installation, inspection, upgrade, repair or maintenance.

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions we have specialised commercial electricians who focus on reliability and preventing productivity losses and downtimes. We understand that a properly working electrical system is crucial to business operations. An hour of downtime could result to expensive delays and thousands of dollars of lost income.

Commercial electricians Smeaton Grange

With experience in large scale electrical installations, our insured and licensed electricians (Level 2 Electricians) also apply their expertise in performing electrical testing & tagging, upgrade and inspection of commercial switchboards, setup of emergency lighting and controls and implementation of the latest Green Energy Solutions to commercial establishments.

We even take an advanced and proactive approach in early detection of electrical problems. We accomplish this by performing Thermal Imaging which allows us to detect faulty electrical connections. Early detection of these issues will prevent downtime and possible catastrophes during your business operations.

Another proactive approach our clients take is by scheduling a routine maintenance of the establishment’s power outlets, lighting systems, surge protectors and generators. This way we can ensure that the electrical components are in top condition and are able to handle your energy demands. This is important in ensuring smooth operations of businesses.

Through the years we’ve also installed Green Energy Solutions that allowed our clients to cut down on their electricity costs. Yes, energy use is a fixed cost especially in commercial and industrial settings. Good news is we can still apply technological solutions to somehow reduce the cost and use the energy in a more responsible way.

Electrical services beyond the regular working hours

System breakdowns inevitably happen no matter the time of the day, which is why Tiger Electrical Solutions provides 24/7 service throughout the year.

We always have a team ready to be deployed after the regular working hours. Whether it’s an emergency or after-hours inspection and maintenance, our licensed and insured electricians are always alert to take on the job. This way by tomorrow it’s business as usual in your commercial or industrial facility.

Phone us today at 02 4605 0494 if you require specialised commercial electricians to work on your complex system. With our prompt service, expertise and commitment to performance and excellence, your commercial electrical system will always be in good hands.