Electrician Rosehill

Rosehill has a good mix of recreational, commercial, residential and industrial developments. Good thing is despite the rapid progress Rosehill still has its own heritage-listed sites such as the Elizabeth Farm Reserve. There are also landmarks here (e.g. Rosehill Gardens Racecourse) which complete the suburb’s image and how we conduct our lives here at Rosehill.

Electrician Rosehill 24/7

Modern living is never complete without a reliable electrical system. Our day to day living and work can be easily ruined by an exposed wire, a flickering light (which could cause anxiety and fear), a burnt outlet or a total power failure.

Here at Tiger Electrical we’re fierce and aggressive when it comes to fixing those kinds of problems. No matter where you are in Rosehill and anytime you call we’ll quickly send a licensed and insured electrician to your site. Our professional electrical services include the following:

  • Repair of power points, switchboards, lighting, wires and controls
  • Switchboard upgrades, partial and full house rewiring
  • Safety switches and surge protection
  • Connecting TV points, phone points
  • Data installations (including upgrades for commercial office and industrial networks, preventative maintenance, and home/office networking requirements)
  • Dimmers, LED lights (including the light fittings, necessary wires and controls)
  • Security lighting, sensor lights and smoke alarms
  • Proper installation of appliances and exhaust fans according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Electrical testing & tagging
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Green energy solutions
  • Full electrical installations (for renovations, new constructions and additions)

Our licensed and insured electricians ensure quality installations so that you won’t encounter the same problem anytime soon. Residential, commercial and strata clients call us because of our fast response and professional work.

Level 2 electrician Rosehill

Our team has also been known for completing complex Level 2 electrical work including the following:

  • New electrical connections from property to the power network (overhead and/or underground service lines)
  • Safe power disconnection (removal of service lines before the property is demolished or renovated)
  • Temporary power service for building sites
  • Meter services including installation, configuration and removal
  • All related work that comes with electrical poles, pillars and brackets
  • UV damaged consumer mains repairs
  • Tiger Tails installation (visual aid for accident prevention)

We have the necessary skills, tools and qualifications to complete complex electrical projects. Individual clients and contractors choose us because we complete the job on time and on budget (plus we maintain a smooth collaboration with all parties involved). Contact us today and let Tiger Electrical do the work.