Electrician Revesby

With a growing retail shopping centre and residential base (which attracts youths), Revesby is just starting.

Expect more waves of apartments and boutique businesses to fill this growing suburb. Both the early starters and the present comers are sure to reap financial advantages for years to come.

But to maximise those financial advantages, the basics should be covered first. For example, a faulty electrical connection will interrupt business operations (which leads to financial losses and customer turnovers). A faulty wiring or questionable electrical system can compromise the youths and families who relax in their homes or apartments after work.

Electrician Revesby you can count on

As with the fast growth of this suburb, Tiger Electrical Solutions have also experienced massive growth through the years. Our customer base is getting wider each day as we promptly service Revesby homes, apartments, cafes, grocers, delis and workplaces.

For businesses, our commercial electricians ensure proper electrical flow and updated fixtures. This is to prevent electrical mishaps and interruptions in the commercial premise. This is crucial in reliably servicing the customers and continuing with various business activities.

For homes and apartments, our insured and licensed electricians perform inspections, repairs and upgrades on switchboards, circuit breakers, power points, light fittings and other electrical fixtures. We also do partial or full rewiring for both residences and commercial premises. This is to update the wiring and ensure optimal performance of the site’s electrical system.

Revesby Level 2 electricians

We’re also authorised to perform Level 2 electrical work. Our licensed and qualified electricians can connect a residence, commercial or industrial facility to the electrical distribution network. Aside from new connections, we also do the following:

  • New electrical connection (connecting to or adding overhead and/or underground service line)
  • Metering services (e.g. new meter installations, switchboard upgrades)
  • Temporary Builder’s Service (supply and install new builders’ poles on budget and time)
  • Power disconnection (safely disconnect the property’s electrical supply before demolition)
  • All types of services related to power poles, pillars and brackets

These kinds of jobs require expertise because of their complexity. In addition, the technical standards are being continuously updated for better performance and safety.

That’s why we continuously invest in training and tools so our team remains the best in this area. It’s a significant investment, but the returns could be really high not just to our business, but also to Revesby residences, commercial and industrial facilities.

We’re also highly knowledgeable in energy efficiency solutions. Electrical costs won’t go anytime soon, but we can install solutions to maximise efficiency and reduce your monthly electrical bills.

Contact us today and enquire online if you want long-term returns from a professional electrical service. Our end-to-end solutions (from the electrical pole down to the last power point) are available for residential, commercial, industrial and strata/real estate assignments.