Electrician Padstow

Convenience and quiet living can be easily ruined by a flickering light at night, a tripping circuit breaker or a buzzing electrical sound.

For you to go back to your sleep or resume with your favourite Sunday morning activity, call us today here at Tiger Electrical Solutions (02 4605 0494). We’re fast to arrive and we have an emergency team ready to be deployed no matter the time of the day.

24/7 Padstow house electricians

Padstow is first rate for commuters (easily accessible modes of transport). But can you easily find a licensed electrician who can go to your home at 2am?

You can call Tiger Electrical Solutions 24/7 (even if it’s a holiday). Our residential electricians (Level 2 electricians) can safely repair that tripping circuit breaker or bothersome electrical buzzing sound. We’ll also identify the root cause of that flickering light (might be faulty wiring, power surges or overloading).

Aside from quick repairs, we also do full home electrical installations and rewiring. We also add the necessary outlets and wiring for renovations and home additions. And in case you’re wondering, we also install lighting (outdoor security and smart lighting), bathroom exhaust fans, ceiling fans, safety switches, sensor lights and power points.

Commercial electrician Padstow

Our expertise goes beyond home electrical. We’re also busy performing complex electrical works for commercial clients. Some of our services include doing scheduled maintenance of power outlets, lighting systems, generators, surge protectors, and power factor correction units. The goal is to ensure 100% reliability so businesses can continuously service their customers.

Our commercial electricians also install emergency lighting and controls. With expertise in globe replacement, battery pack replacement, fluorescent tube replacement, inverter / controller replacement, discharge tests, and compilation of emergency lighting test logs, we are unparalleled when it comes to the level of service we provide.

Competitive rates, no surprises

The only thing we can surprise you with is the high level of our service and our commitment to excellence. But when it comes to our rates, we prefer to be upfront and boring.

Through the years we’ve fiercely built a solid reputation when it comes to honest pricing. There are no hidden charges and even the “details” or “miscellaneous” in the receipt are completely spelled out. At the end of the job you might even ask yourself “Is that all there is?”

So phone us today at 02 4605 0494 if you want a competitively priced electrical installation or repair service (whether it’s for your home or business). Tiger Electrical Solutions will be quick to arrive at your site no matter the time of the day.