Electrician Oran Park

Any electrical issue requires urgent attention and fast action. Whether it’s a faulty wire, a broken power point, a flickering light or a defective switchboard, you should always be able to call a qualified electrician even if it’s the middle of the night.

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions we provide on-call electrical services. We always have a team of qualified electricians ready to be deployed any time of the day. Phone us today at 02 4605 0494 for fast, professional and affordable service.

Residential electrician Oran Park

Whether you have a new home or an older dwelling, an occasional electrical issue is just normal. But it’s not normal to encounter the same problem again and again in the course of a few weeks or months.

To prevent that, our licensed electricians here at Tiger Electrical Solutions get to the root of the problem and perform safety installations and replacements. We always perform advanced diagnostics and professional repairs on:

  • Power points
  • Light fittings
  • Security & outdoor lighting
  • Surge protectors
  • Ceiling fans, exhaust fans
  • Smoke alarms
  • Switchboards

Aside from repairs, we also do new installations of these for new home construction, home renovations, bathroom and kitchen remodels, home additions and any other type of home upgrade.

Level 2 electricians

Our services go beyond electrical installations inside homes. As an authorised level 2 electrical service provider, we’re also capable of connecting new residential properties to the local electrical supply network. Our Level 2 electrical services include:

  • Temporary builder’s service (install a temporary electrical connection)
  • Permanent connections (set up underground and/or overhead service line to connect property to the grid)
  • Metering services (new meter installations)
  • Power disconnection (important when demolishing an existing dwelling)

These are crucial services that require a specialised knowledge and skillset. Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we’ve been handling these kinds of complex assignments through the years.

Commercial electrical services

We also handle other complex assignments that require expertise in commercial electrical networks. These networks are often far more complex than what’s found in homes.

With more electrical appliances, lighting and wires installed, expect the electrical system in an office or any other commercial premise to be a lot more complicated. Also, the energy requirements in commercial premises are often much higher.

It’s important that the entire system is reliable and functional. Any interruption could mean huge financial losses (and potential safety hazard to employees, customers and the community).

That’s why many business owners and managers choose Tiger Electrical Solutions for those kinds of jobs. Our licensed electricians perform advanced diagnostics and ensure each electrical fixture can handle peak electrical loads. In addition, we also install safety devices to protect your electrical equipment from surges, storms and power losses.

With our complete range of electrical services, residents and business owners call us whenever they need something done when it comes to electrical repairs, installations and upgrades. Phone us today at 02 4605 0494 if you require a professional, affordable and prompt electrical services.