Electrician Liverpool

Liverpool has it all. But when there’s an electrical emergency, who are you going to call?

Tiger Electrical Solutions is a family-owned and -operated electrical contracting business. Whether it’s an emergency electrical repair or a routine electrical maintenance, our insured and qualified electricians are just one call away. Phone us today at 02 4605 0494.

Residential electrician Liverpool

Hiring a licensed electrician is a must if you want to guarantee safety and quality workmanship. This applies to whether the electrical job is big or small. Whether it’s replacing a busted light or full rewiring of your home, a licensed electrician should always be at the scene.

Fires and fatalities are likely to result if you call the wrong “electrician.” At first the result seems all right but wait for a few days or weeks and everything fails. You might have paid a really small amount for the service but you’ll actually spend more at the end because of the damages, repairs and replacements.

What should you do then? Many homeowners and businesses in Liverpool and all over Sydney call Tiger Electrical Solutions whenever there’s an emergency electrical issue. Our insured and licensed electricians guarantee safety and quality workmanship in every assignment they handle. They even clean up the work site after each job so you can get back to your life immediately.

Commercial electricians you can rely on

The number one thing most people look for in a business is reliability. Can the business deliver what’s expected? Is the staff able to answer enquiries on time whenever a customer calls? Will the products or orders be completed on time?

Any failure in the electrical outlets, lighting systems, generators and surge protectors would make a business less reliable to its customers. This results to productivity and financial losses which can affect how you run your business. This is true whether you own a shop, restaurant or a cafe.

Thankfully, many businesses call Tiger Electrical Solutions to ensure electrical reliability especially during peak business hours. Commercial electrical systems are much more complex and any failure results to drastic consequences, which is why our electricians perform rigorous inspections to ensure reliability.

What about cutting down electricity costs? We can install Green Energy Solutions so you’ll pay less on your establishment’s monthly electrical bills. This is a smart move because you’ll save money month after month.

Liverpool strata & real estate electricians

Tiger Electrical Solutions also has the capacity to do all-around home electrical maintenance jobs. Through the years, we’ve already handled assignments in many office blocks, hospitals, entertainment parks, commercial sites, and residential properties. We also continuously update ourselves with the ever-changing rules in maintenance and repair.

We can even be your one-stop shop when it comes to all your electrical requirements. From connecting your property to the grid, full home electrical installation up to the repair of your outlets, switchboard and wiring, we’ll always be here to deliver excellent services at competitive prices.

Phone us today at 02 4605 0494 if you want to work with an insured and licensed electrician. Tiger Electrical Solutions is available after hours and on weekends and everything in between for all your electrical repair and installation requirements.