Electrician Leppington

As part of Sydney’s South West Growth Area, Leppington is on its way for new homes and more essential infrastructure to help meet the local community needs.

Yes, there will be changes as a new school and community centre will be built. Upgrades to transport infrastructure (e.g. rail and major roads) are also happening. Changes will continuously happen in the promising land of Leppington.

But still, something will remain the same. And that’s Tiger Electrical’s commitment to safety and excellence. Our fully licensed and insured electricians always deliver excellent results and update themselves with the latest standards and practices.

Leppington Level 2 Electricians

Back then, simply plugging in and installing the wires in DIY fashion is already enough to complete the work.

But times have changed. Electrical work has several levels of complexity because of new electrical requirements. Also, several risks are newly introduced because of the higher energy usage of appliances. This kind of work now requires a high level of expertise.

It’s especially the case when connecting electrical installations to the distribution network. Only Level 2 Electricians are authorised to perform this kind of work. Aside from the expertise, new requirements and rules are being issued to electricians and Accredited Service Providers.

That’s why Tiger Electrical Solutions invest significant time and financial resources in keeping up with the latest safety standards and electrical requirements. As an authorised level 2 electrical service provider, we regularly perform the following:

  • New electrical connections to the distribution network
  • Supplying and installing new builders’ poles on budget and time (both for residential & commercial construction)
  • Disconnecting the property’s electrical supply before demolition of any existing dwelling
  • New meter installations

Homeowners, contractors, property developers and project managers regularly hire us to complete these kinds of jobs. During each project, we ensure a smooth workflow and communication for prompt and safe completion.

Leppington residential & commercial electricians

Aside from Level 2 electrical work, our electricians are also busy doing the following for residences and commercial premises:

  • Partial or full rewiring of older establishments
  • Electrical supplies extension & rewiring (for renovations, office fitouts, home additions, second storey construction)
  • Surge protection to protect appliances and expensive electrical equipment from power surges during storms and power loss
  • Switchboard upgrades plus installation of new circuit breakers and safety switches
  • Installation of additional power points and wires to accommodate new appliances
  • Installation, repair, replacement & inspection of new power points, light fittings, ceiling and exhaust fans, TV and phone points, security lights, smoke alarms & other electrical fixtures

Choose Tiger Electrical Solutions

Our team is qualified to perform residential, commercial, Level 2 and strata/real estate electrical work. We provide end-to-end solutions from connecting the property to the distribution network up to the installation of the last power point.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements. We provide competitive prices while ensuring the highest quality of work. This is the result of our extensive training and commitment to giving the best value to our customers in Leppington.