Electrician Lakemba

Originally known as Potato Hill (potatoes were grown here) but now named after the Lakeba island in the Fiji group of islands, the suburb of Lakemba has undergone massive transformation and evolution through the decades. One proof is the diverse demographic history and richness of Lakemba’s commercial activity.

Because of that diversity, there’s no wonder why we can find various places of worship here that cater for the people with various faiths. Mosques (Lakemba Mosque, Ernest Street Masjid, Lakemba Musalla, and Ahl Al Sunna Wal Jamaah Association Musallah), Catholic churches and other places of worship form Lakemba’s strong and distinct identity.

Electrician Lakemba 24/7

But no matter how diverse a community is and the range of beliefs an individual or family has, it’s important that electrical malfunctions are rare or almost impossible (or in case these happen, it should be fixed immediately). This way there will be no interruption to your home, work or leisure activity. After all it’s difficult or impossible to focus on more important things (such as finding life’s meaning or getting ahead in your career or business) if there’s faulty wiring, burnt power point or anything defective in your electrical system.

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions our residential and commercial electricians are always quick to act and ensure an excellent job when doing repairs and installations. Our licensed and insured electricians do the following:

  • Power points, switchboards, wires and other electrical fixtures
  • Safety switches and surge protection
  • House rewiring and switchboard upgrades
  • TV aerials, TV points, phone points
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting (LED downlights, dimmers, security lighting, sensor lights)
  • Smoke alarms
  • Bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Full electrical installations (new construction, renovation, home addition, commercial space expansion)

We ensure clean results and installations because we respect each premise whether it’s a home, workplace, entertainment facility or an industrial site.

Level 2 electrician Lakemba

Aside from the usual electrical assignments, we are also authorised and qualified to perform the following Level 2 electrical work:

  • New electrical connections from property to the power network (overhead and/or underground service lines)
  • Safe power disconnection (before the property is demolished or renovated)
  • Temporary power service for building sites
  • Meter services including installation, configuration and removal
  • All related work that comes with electrical poles, pillars and brackets
  • UV damaged consumer mains repairs
  • Tiger Tails installation (visual aid to help prevent accidents in residential and commercial sites)

We promptly complete each job while paying attention to the timeline and the budget. Whether it’s a single power point installation or fully connecting a property to the power network, Tiger Electrical has the skills, manpower and capabilities to complete the job.

Contact us today and we’ll study your full requirements. We’ll arrive promptly on site no matter where you are in Lakemba.