Electrician Hoxton Park

Hoxton Park might not stand out among Sydney’s suburbs. But with reasonably easy access to transport and other amenities, it’s a still a great place for over 4,300 people living in this area.

In addition, Hoxton Park residents and businesses can call Tiger Electrical Solutions for a prompt electrical service. With competitive rates and a professional approach to work, our insured and licensed electricians can complete each electrical job no matter how big or small.

Full electrical services Hoxton Park

Aside from the regular electrical repair and installation services, we’re also authorised and qualified to do Level 2 electrical work. This includes:

  • New connections (connecting the residential or commercial property to the overhead and/or underground service line)
  • Power disconnection (safely disconnect electrical supply to a property before demolition)
  • Temporary builder’s service (supply and install new builders’ poles on budget and time)
  • Metering services (electricity must be metered so that the usage can be monitored and recorded)
  • All types of services related to power poles, pillars, and brackets

These kinds of jobs require a specialised skill set. In addition, technical standards are continuously being updated. Our team is always up to date with those latest standards and practices.

Also, each residence, commercial facility or industrial complex has unique electrical requirements. That’s why we provide a tailored solution for each assignment. We take the time to study the requirements and formulate an appropriate solution. This is to guarantee electrical safety and optimise energy performance.

Domestic & commercial electricians

Our expertise also includes proper maintenance of the electrical systems of homes, apartment complexes, churches, schools, restaurants, shops, cafes, workplaces and other commercial premises. We can perform a prompt and thorough inspection of the following:

  • Switchboards & safety switches
  • Light fittings and installed lights (downlights, LED, security lighting)
  • Power points and associated wires
  • RCD protection
  • Smoke alarms

For example, if the electrical wires and other connections are faulty, we might do a partial or full rewiring of the place. This is to improve safety and eliminate electrocution and fire hazards.

We also work with contractors and project managers to complete a new construction or renovation project. We integrate seamlessly with the existing team to allow smooth workflow and collaboration. Strata managers also rely on us to properly service the tenants when it comes to any electrical work.

Why choose Tiger Electrical Solutions

Modern electrical work is now actually complex because of higher requirements to performance and safety. In addition, we’ve adopted a heavy reliance on electricity for our home living and business activities.

As a result, we have higher energy demands and more appliances plugged in. Add to that the high-value electrical equipment that makes business operations possible and efficient. This high level of complexity also requires a high level of expertise.

That’s why here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we always update ourselves with the latest technical standards being issued by government agencies and national organisations. It’s a significant investment and part of our commitment to safety and excellence.

Contact us today if you only want to settle on high standards. Our team will study your requirements and execute the work professionally.