Electrician East Hills

With a small group of shops in Maclaurin Avenue (with the East Hills Hotel), East Hills could be a good place to spend some time in. Commercial activities are far from the level as what’s found in the City, but perhaps this is also the reason why over 3,000 residents choose to stay here in this reasonably quiet suburb. Perhaps occasionally watching the East Hills Bulldogs at the Smith Park is good enough already to stir some things and get outside of home.

Emergency electrician East Hills 24/7

But whether you’re in the City or East Hills, perfect functioning of electrical wires and fixtures is a must to get into modern living. Also, it’s always good to make sure that electrical fixtures won’t lead to electrocution or a fire hazard (an electrical spark might ignite gas and flammable materials).

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we are quick and fierce to act when it comes to electrical emergencies. No matter what time you call we’ll arrive on your site promptly and try to fix the issue right on the spot (no driving back and forth as much as possible). This way you can get back to sleep or plan your trip or vacation outside of East Hills.

Residential, commercial & strata electricians

Our licensed and insured electricians handle electrical repairs, upgrades, installations and maintenance (including working on the strict maintenance rules of strata properties). We can repair or install the following:

  • Dedicated or additional power points for your appliances or new rooms
  • TV points and phone points
  • Lighting and controls (dimmers, indoor and outdoor lighting)
  • Security lighting and sensor lights
  • Safety switches and surge protection
  • Smoke alarms
  • Kitchen and bathroom appliances (hot water, ovens, stoves)

We also do partial or full rewiring and new electrical installations for new construction or renovation projects (including implementation of energy-saving solutions). We work with contractors and individual clients in promptly and cost-effectively completing each assignment.

East Hills Level 2 electrical work

Our team is always focused on providing cost-effective solutions that will work out for the long term. We also apply this commitment and focus when it comes to more complex assignments such as Level 2 electrical work:

  • New electrical connection (connecting to or adding overhead and/or underground service line)
  • Metering services (e.g. new meter installations, switchboard upgrades)
  • Temporary Builder’s Service (supply and install new builders’ poles on budget and on time)
  • Power disconnection (safely disconnect the property’s electrical supply before demolition)
  • All types of services related to power poles, pillars and brackets

Whether it’s properly connecting (or safely disconnecting) an East Hills home, apartment, shop, restaurant, cafe or office to the electrical distribution network, our team has the required technical expertise to get the job done. We strictly adhere to the latest standards to ensure electrical safety and performance. In case there’s an issue (which happens rarely), we provide an excellent and immediate service to get it all back working again.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your project requirements. No matter what time you call and whether the job is big or small, Tiger Electrical Solutions is always here ready to answer.