Electrician Chullora

Chullora is an industrial area which is why the overall infrastructure is designed for fast and efficient operations of various businesses. After all, logistics and transport are crucial industries for the overall function of an economy. The warehouses, factories and roads (e.g. Chullora Business Park strategically located on Hume Highway) should all be in great conditions to allow the fast and efficient manufacturing and transport of goods, materials and other resources.

There’s the Australia Post (which handles a huge number of packages each day). The ecommerce boom might have helped in achieving that huge number. But in addition, the increasing number of deliveries is a sign of a growing and robust economy. This means there’s a lot of movement of goods and money and this level of movement is vital to supporting many livelihoods and businesses not just in Chullora, but also perhaps in the whole world.

Electrician Chullora 24/7

But for that movement to happen on a daily reliable basis, the essentials should be taken cared of first. It’s especially the case with the electrical systems. Any breakdown or interruption could cost thousands or even millions of dollars because of the delays and potential loss of customers and opportunities.

Here at Tiger Electrical we have already handled industrial, residential and commercial electrical work including the following:

  • Power points, switchboards, wires and other electrical fixtures
  • Safety switches and surge protection
  • House rewiring and switchboard upgrades
  • TV aerials, TV points, phone points
  • Phone and data installations (including upgrades for commercial office and industrial networks, preventive maintenance, and home / office networking requirements)
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting (LED downlights, dimmers, security lighting, sensor lights)
  • Smoke alarms
  • Bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling fans
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Full electrical installations (new construction, renovation, home addition, commercial space expansion)

Whether it’s an emergency electrical repair, a scheduled electrical safety inspection, a timely system upgrade, a full electrical installation or about long-term energy saving solutions, we have the capabilities to execute each job perfectly.

Level 2 electrician Chullora

We also have the required technical expertise and authorisation to connect residential, commercial and industrial properties to the power distribution network. Our services also include the following:

  • Safe power disconnection (before the property is demolished or renovated)
  • Temporary power service for building sites
  • Meter services including installation, configuration and removal
  • All related work that comes with electrical poles, pillars and brackets
  • UV damaged consumer mains repairs
  • Tiger Tails installation (visual aid to help prevent accidents in residential and commercial sites)

When it comes to everything electrical, our team has always been the one to call. Our prompt and professional approach (plus careful monitoring of the budget and timeline) has made Tiger Electrical the top choice. Contact us today and we’ll study your requirements. We’ll promptly complete the job no matter how big or small.