Electrician Canterbury

With a humid subtropical climate (temperature levels can reach as high as 28℃), it’s a must to have a reliable electrical network so that air conditioners, exhaust fans and other appliances will run perfectly all day.

Whether it’s a home or a business, a reliable electrical network is a must for your comfort and that of your employees or customers. Any failure, malfunction or interruption can mean thousands of dollars of lost revenue (not to mention the huge inconvenience) especially if you’re running a business along Canterbury Road, Broughton Street, Charles Street or Close Street.

24/7 Electrician Canterbury

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we understand that electrical malfunctions often happen at the most inconvenient or crucial time. Whether it’s the middle of the night or during peak business hours, our team is fast to respond when it comes to electrical emergencies. In most cases we fix the problem right on the spot because we always bring the necessary tools and parts.

Aside from urgent electrical repairs, our licensed and insured electricians also perform the following in both residential and commercial premises:

  • Surge protection
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Electrical hot water system installations
  • Installation of lighting, smoke alarms, ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, kitchen and bathroom appliances, safety switches
  • Installation of TV and phone points
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Strata and real estate electrician services
  • Green energy solutions and building electrical maintenance
  • Power factor correction, testing & tagging and emergency lighting & controls

In other words, we provide a complete electrical solution whether it’s an electrical repair or electrical installation for a new construction or renovation.

Electrical Services

LED Upgrades: 

  • LED Upgrades 
  • Residential LED Upgrades
  • Commercial LED Upgrades

Not sure how to brighten up spaces in your home or office space? LED’s are both great for the environment and provide more light in otherwise poorly lit spaces. Contact Tiger Electrical’s team to see if an LED upgrade is right for you. 

Lighting Repairs and Installations: 

  • Lighting repairs and installations 
  • Residential repairs and installations
  • Commercial repairs and installations

Your family or employees deserve the peace of mind of knowing their home or workplace is free of electrical hazards. The only way to guarantee this is to engage qualified and licensed electricians such as those at Tiger Electrical to ensure the premises are safe and electrically sound. 

Exit and Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance: 

  • Exit and emergency light testing 
  • Exit and emergency light maintenance
  • Commercial exit and emergency light testing

Days, months and years can go by without a business subjecting its exit and emergency lights to required testing and maintenance checks. If this sounds like your business, contact the friendly Tiger Electrical team to remedy this today!

We provide end-to-end solutions when it comes to electrical installations. We strictly adhere to the latest standards to ensure electrical safety and performance. In case there’s an issue with the connection, we can address it no matter what time you call.

We provide a personalised attention to each project because we know that no two projects are the same. Each project has a unique set of requirements. It’s especially the case with large apartment complexes and commercial facilities. The complex network of electrical wires and fixtures is a huge challenge to deal with.

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we’ve been handling both small and complex electrical projects for many years. Our licensed electricians have the necessary technical expertise to complete each assignment. We also go beyond our usual service because of our commitment to energy performance and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for all your electrical requirements. We will take the time to study your requirements and then use our technical expertise to complete the project promptly, efficiently and cost effectively.