Electrician Campbelltown

Some old homes, villas, townhouses and apartments might now have outdated wiring or faulty electrical connections. It might also be the case in old commercial premises in Macarthur Square and the surrounds.

That’s because many electrical fixtures gradually wear away. In addition, our old electrical components and system might not be able to accommodate our present energy requirements. Aside from more appliances running simultaneously, these appliances also consume a lot more energy. This is the case especially in the most popular restaurants, shops and cafes of Campbelltown.

Electrician Campbelltown

That’s why here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, a part of our commitment is to ensure every residence and commercial premise can handle the modern energy requirements. Our insured and licensed electricians can perform a partial or full rewiring of the place to ensure safety and performance.

This is important when servicing customers and performing other business-related activities. Any electrical mishap or interruption may result to huge financial losses, not to mention the potential electrocution and fire hazards. Our team of electricians can prevent that scenario through partial or full electrical rewiring.

In addition, our team is also busy doing the following:

  • Installing dedicated power points and wiring for new appliances
  • Setting up safety switches and surge protectors to protect appliances and electrical equipment from power surges
  • Extension of electrical supplies for office fitouts and second storey constructions
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of power points, light fittings, smoke alarms and other electrical fixtures
  • Complete electrical installation for new buildings

Campbelltown Level 2 electricians

As an authorised level 2 electrical service provider, we safely connect residential, commercial and industrial facilities to the electrical distribution network. This kind of job requires a high level of expertise to ensure smooth flow of electricity and the safety of occupants as well.

Our Level 2 electrical services include:

  • Temporary builder’s service (supply and install new builders’ poles on budget and time)
  • Connecting a property to the electrical service line (for residential & commercial projects)
  • Disconnecting the electrical supply to a property before demolition
  • Metering services (includes switchboard upgrades)

We always keep up with the latest standards regarding connecting properties to the electrical distribution network. These standards (completed by national organisations) are in place for better safety and performance.

Choose Tiger Electrical Solutions

Residents, business owners, estate managers, project managers and contractors choose our team for their electrical requirements. Our end-to-end solutions (from meter to power point) make us a one-stop shop for anything electrical.

Aside from excellent results, we also ensure a smooth workflow and process during the assignment. For existing homes and commercial premises, we take extra care to avoid any unnecessary damages. For new construction and renovation projects, we smoothly integrate with the construction team.

Contact us today if you require professional electrical services at competitive prices. Let’s discuss your requirements and our team will come up with a tailored solution for you.