Electrician Camden

Through the years you’ve peacefully lived in Camden. But occasionally it gets ruined by problems in the power points and electrical wires.

Whenever these serious problems occur, don’t risk it. Any mistake in the repair of a power point or electrical wires may result to a fire hazard. Any mistake can also compromise your appliances and your overall safety.

To ensure safety and excellent results, many Camden residents already call Tiger Electrical Solutions (02 4605 0494). With 24/7 emergency electrical repair services, we can repair any electrical issue that’s bothering you anytime of the day.

Camden electrical repair services

Through the years we’ve handled hundreds of assignments which include working on:

  • Power points
  • Surge protectors
  • Ceiling fans
  • Ovens
  • TV / Phone points
  • IXL / Exhaust fans
  • RCD Protection
  • Light fittings
  • Security lighting
  • Safety switches
  • Smoke alarms

Before we do any repairs, we perform advanced diagnostics first. We identify the root cause and fix it to ensure you won’t encounter the same problem anytime soon.

While we’re doing the repairs, we apply safety practices every step of the way (especially when working in an elevated position). We ensure that every new installation we do is up to the latest safety standards. This way, you’ll guarantee that each electrical component will be working safely and optimally even during your peak energy demands.

House rewiring & new electrical installations

Aside from repairs, our professional electricians are also busy doing the following:

  • Switchboard upgrades (installation of new panel plus circuit breakers & safety switches)
  • House rewiring (older houses might contain old dangerous wiring)
  • Surge protection (protecting expensive electrical equipment during power loss or storm)
  • Additional power points installation (for your new appliances)
  • Electrical supplies extension & rewiring (for renovations, office fitouts, home additions, second storey construction)

Level 2 electrician Camden

We’re also qualified to perform all kinds of Level 2 electrical work including:

  • New electrical connections (connecting to overhead or underground service lines)
  • Power disconnection (disconnecting electrical supply to a property during demolition)
  • Temporary builder’s service (supply and install new builders’ poles on budget and time)
  • Metering services (including three phase upgrades, temporary builders’ services, switchboard upgrades, new meter installations, and electric supply combination or separation)
  • Power Poles, Pillars, & Brackets

With our expertise and experience, you’ll ensure safe and quality installations from end to end. Whether it’s a replacement of a power point or a full home electrical installation, Tiger Electrical Solutions is a one-stop shop for everything electrical.

Phone us today at 02 4605 0494 if you want to ensure electrical safety and performance. We’re available 24/7 and we always provide reasonable prices for our professional services.