Electrician Belmore

The main commercial area located along Burwood Road (just near Belmore railway station) made access to many products and services easier and faster. Add to that the commercial and industrial developments located along the Canterbury Road and the surrounding streets.

Indeed, it has made life a bit easier here at Belmore. It’s a good thing for everyone especially those who have little time after work. Easy and fast access to products and services could help us do more or have more time to do important things.

Emergency electrician Belmore 24/7

Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we value your time, which is why no matter what time you call, we always promptly arrive on site in case of electrical emergencies.

Whether it’s a burnt outlet, flickering light, exposed wire or a malfunctioning switchboard, our licensed and insured electricians do it all. In most cases we fix the problem right on the spot because we always bring the necessary tools and parts. Rest assured that the problem gets fixed so you can go back to sleep or focus on your recreation or next activity.

Aside from urgent electrical repairs, our technical expertise also covers the following:

  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Surge protection (protecting your appliances and electrical fixtures against power losses, storms)
  • Lighting installation (including essential, decorative, indoor and outdoor lighting)
  • Installation of TV and phone points
  • Installation of electrical hot water systems
  • Split and ducted air conditioner installation
  • Installation of ceiling fans, exhaust fans, kitchen and bathroom appliances
  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Green energy solutions, real estate and strata electrician and building electrical maintenance
  • Repair of ovens, stoves and hot water systems
  • Complete electrical installation for new construction and renovations

Belmore Level 2 electrician

We’re also authorised and qualified to perform Level 2 electrical work including the following:

  • New electrical connection (connecting to or adding overhead and/or underground service line)
  • Metering services (e.g. new meter installations, switchboard upgrades)
  • Temporary Builder’s Service (supply and install new builders’ poles on budget and on time)
  • Power disconnection (safely disconnect the property’s electrical supply before demolition)
  • All types of services related to power poles, pillars and brackets

These complex jobs require a high level of expertise. Any mistake can spell disaster or long interruptions to a home, apartment complex or commercial facility, which is why our team always adheres to the latest electrical safety and performance standards.

Whether it’s a small or big electrical job, our team always ensures excellence in each installation or repair assignment. Before we leave the site, we perform advanced diagnostics to ensure everything is working as it should. This way, you will have more time for relaxation or work activities because everything electrical has already been taken cared of.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your electrical requirements. We can work directly with the clients or coordinate with other contractors to finish the project on budget and on schedule. Here at Tiger Electrical Solutions, we’re always quick and efficient whenever handling an electrical assignment no matter how big or small.