Commercial Electrician Wentworth Point

For prompt electrical services phone us now at 02 4605 0494. The Tiger Electrical team is here for businesses and stratas that require urgent repair of their electrical systems and fixtures.

Commercial electrician Wentworth Point 24/7

A single hour of downtime can be very expensive for businesses. To prevent that, it’s important to have the electrical system inspected and maintained. And in case of breakdowns, right away it should be fixed.

Here at Tiger Electrical we’re always quick when it comes to doing the following:

  • Emergency electrical repair especially if there’s faulty wiring, electrical sparks, burning electrical smell, weird electrical buzzing sounds, unexpected random shutdowns, burnt outlets, tripping breakers and switchboards
  • Electrical testing and tagging
  • Green energy solutions for monthly savings
  • Scheduled electrical maintenance to prevent breakdowns and downtimes
  • Power factor correction for better efficiency and more savings
  • Emergency lighting and controls (secure mounting, inspection, maintenance)
  • Smoke alarms including new installation, programming, repair, replacement as well as inspection to make sure they’re still active)
  • Ceiling fans and exhaust fans for better indoor air circulation and moisture control
  • Phone and data cabling for reliable and consistent communications with customers
  • Commercial switchboards (detailed reports in detecting problems before they cause shutdowns)
  • Thermal image inspection (from small distribution boards in offices and retail outlets to large scale mechanical services boards and control cabinets for a more detailed inspection)
  • Full electrical installation in office fitouts and other major commercial projects

Rest assured that everything will be done according to the highest professional standards and latest rules and regulations (which are always evolving and getting updated).

Electrical services Wentworth Point

We’re always fast and responsive because time is of the essence here. We service the entire Wentworth Point including places near the Burroway Rd, Footbridge Bvd, Nuvolari Place, Corniche Drive and Bennelong Parkway.

Our team has long experience working in residential, commercial and industrial premises. Whether it’s a single outlet repair or a major electrical overhaul and upgrade, we have the capacity and experience to make sure everything is done right and according to the latest standards.

Phone us now at 02 4605 0494 if you require a responsive electrician or a professional team to do all the work. The Tiger Electrical team always works hard to make it a smooth and positive experience for customers.