Commercial Electrician Stanmore

Unscheduled downtime is costly especially in businesses and establishments near the railway station, along the Parramatta Road and Newington College. That downtime is another threat to businesses that already face several uncertainties and restrictions.

Commercial electrician Stanmore 24/7

Phone us now at 1300 125 386 and right away we’ll send an electrician anywhere you are in Stanmore. Here at Tiger Electrical we’re always quick, fierce and aggressive when it comes to electrical emergencies.

We understand that downtimes mean huge financial losses, which is why we are always quick to act and respond no matter what time our customers call. We are also proactive and detailed in doing electrical safety and reliability inspections to prevent costly downtimes in the first place.

Business owners and managers and asset managers count on us when it comes to the following:

  • Electrical testing and tagging (ensure electrical safety in the premise)
  • Green energy solutions (save money and reduce environmental impact)
  • Scheduled electrical maintenance (gain peace of mind especially right before crucial events, operations and deliveries)
  • Power factor correction for better efficiency and more savings
  • Emergency lighting and controls
  • Smoke alarms (new installation, repair, replacement and inspection to make sure they’re still active)
  • Ceiling fans and exhaust fans for better air circulation and comfort
  • Phone and data cabling for reliable communications with customers and suppliers
  • Commercial switchboards (detailed reports in detecting problems before they cause downtime or electrical shutdown)
  • Thermal image inspection (from small distribution boards in offices and retail outlets to large scale mechanical services boards and control cabinets)
  • Full electrical installation in office fitouts and other commercial projects

Our goal is to help businesses keep running smoothly by making sure the electrical system is reliable and safe. It’s our own way of somehow helping turn the gears of the economy.

Electrical services Stanmore

We have extensive experience in handling major government and industrial contracts. We’ve developed our capacity to handle major projects and complete them on time and on budget. And with our end-to-end solution our clients now only have to coordinate with a single tight professional team

Phone us now at 1300 125 386 if you want it smooth and straightforward when it comes to electrical repair, installation, maintenance and safety inspection. We always act quickly so that businesses can better focus on their customers and operations.