Commercial Electrician Erskineville

An electrical malfunction and downtime can disrupt people’s activities and leisure at the bowling club, Erskineville Oval, Sydney Park Village and other areas. This is costly for businesses and a huge inconvenience to customers, especially now because of uncertainties and other potential restrictions.

Commercial electrician Erskineville 24/7

You can always count on us here at Tiger Electrical (phone us now at 1300 125 386). Right away we’ll send an electrician to do the repair and a thorough safety inspection if requested. Everything is quick and efficient because we understand the huge inconvenience and lost opportunities brought even by a single hour of unscheduled downtime.

Our professional electrical services for businesses, homes and apartment complexes include the following:

  • Electrical testing and tagging of all residual current devices (RCDs) and plug-in electrical equipment for better safety
  • Scheduled maintenance of power factor correction units, power outlets, surge protectors, generators, lighting systems and other electrical fixtures to prevent unexpected downtimes during crucial hours
  • Power factor correction for more energy savings
  • Emergency lighting and controls (installation, replacement, inspection, maintenance) and make sure they’re still actually working in case of a power outage
  • Green energy solutions (get the most out of every dollar spent on energy)
  • Commercial switchboards (minor repairs, total upgrade, new installation, maintenance and inspection)
  • Phone and data cabling whether new installation, repair or replacement for reliable connectivity
  • Smoke alarms new installation, testing and replacement to ensure these alarms still work
  • Thermal imaging for reliability inspection (and prevent downtimes in the first place)
  • Major rewiring of commercial premises for updating, better safety and performance

Electrical services Erskineville

We have the capabilities to handle huge contracts and have the responsiveness to service small businesses and everyday clients no matter where they are in Erko. Our team has also become good at properly estimating timelines and budgets, which result in a smooth working experience with our customers.

Phone us now at 1300 125 386 and the Tiger Electrical team will be fast to act and respond. With our rapid response and aggressive action, this is our way of helping people and businesses better focus on other important things.