Beginning my career as an electrical apprentice before starting Tiger Electrical Solutions, I understand the importance of high functioning and reliable electrical maintenance. As the managing director and founder of Tiger Electrical Solutions, I built this business around the desire that clients wouldn’t just come to us for our unrivalled knowledge, but instead for our respectful, caring, and connecting approach.

At Tiger Electrical Solutions, we aim to build loyalty through our ability to form bonds with each and every client. Now, as we continue to expand into HVAC and Solar, we can continue to serve our clients and solve their problems by being a one stop shop that keeps Australia roaring.

In my experience, when it comes to electrical maintenance and construction services, the more one business can do for you the better. As Tiger Electrical Solutions continues to expand, we are constantly innovating to provide our customers with a wider variety of high-quality services. I am proud to continue developing Tiger Electrical Solutions’ capabilities and strengthen our commitment to helping Australian businesses maintain efficient operations by offering new services including solar and HVAC.

With our commitment to sustainability and providing a bright future for Australia, offering solar services was an easy decision. One solar panel can save 12 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, making them the perfect solution to help businesses save money and energy usage. I want our expansion into the solar industry to be inspiring for other electrical maintenance companies, encouraging them to transition into more sustainable business practices and industries.

Our dedication to improving sustainability within Australian industries is reflected in our ISO certification, which we were proud to achieve. This certification showcases our unrivalled loyalty to continually improve and pioneer a way forward for Australian industries to maintain efficiency, whilst protecting the environment.

Improving efficiency in the workplace begins with the simple things. Ensuring your workplace is comfortable, calm, and enjoyable is a key aspect to improving your employee’s productivity. Through our experience of working with government organisations right through to small businesses, we recognise the need for high-quality HVAC solutions.

By working with both small and large Australian companies that range from Blue chip companies to individual family-owned businesses, I am proud of our ability to help Australia maintain performance. We service CBD, metropolitan, and rural areas of NSW, helping businesses maintain productivity.

Through my extensive history as an electrician and managing director of Tiger Electrical Solutions, I understand that every business is unique, with individual problems for us to solve. This is what makes working with one business so important; we understand your business from its large operations to the small day-to-day minutiae, making our ability to help you maintain optimal performance simple.

Consistent and reliable electrical service is important to ensure your business maintains productivity and security. To ensure your employees safety, it is important that the electrical maintenance and installation company you hire understands the history of your business and its operations. This is the core of Tiger Electrical Solutions’ expansion into providing new services for our customers. We aim to be the only electrical maintenance company that a business has to work with, ensuring quality services and a strong connection.

In my experience, consistent communication and electrical maintenance is what ensures accidents are prevented and productivity is maintained. This is why I continue to look for areas that we, at Tiger Electrical Solutions, can improve and gaps in our services that we can fill.

Tiger Electrical Solutions provides you with one point of contact for all your electrical maintenance requirements. This ensures easy invoicing, making your business run smoothly and without the difficulty of needing to stay up to date on multiple services. Further, it ensures that your business deals with one person, always. This consistency ensures that we, at Tiger Electrical Solutions, form a close bond with your business, enabling us to provide superior services and offer the best solutions, as we understand your business in its entirety.

I am excited for Tiger Electrical Solutions’ continuous innovation within the electrical services industry. We recognise ourselves as pioneers in the electrical industry and the benchmark as to what electrical companies can offer Australian businesses. If you would like to find out more, contact Tiger Electrical Solutions today.